June 16, 2016 Support Team

Inspiration can strike at any time!

Inspiration can strike at any time!
Business ideas can come to people at the strangest times. Maybe just before you go to sleep or when you see an opportunity to create a product or service that doesn’t exist. Once you have made the decision to do something about it you will probably think about setting up a website.

Instead of choosing a web designer, you could use a service like us, here at own.ie. You do not need any coding or design skills to launch a new site. Each site design is done by choosing a template and dragging and dropping items onto your page. You can add photos, logos and text like a word document. In fact our service allows you to try the idea out quickly and easily with our Free option.

If you think you are ready to launch then why not choose the Elite or Elite Social packages. Which offer domains and Social Media management. This allows you to try services, get your social media set up and test your market. The Elite Social service provides something unique in the Irish marketplace, a dedicated Social media account manager that can work with you to get the exposure you need to launch your new business.

So if you have had a great idea for a new business and are dying to test the market, own.ie is a great place to start.

Take a look at our packages page or if you have a question, simply click on the Live Chat or send us a message we would be happy to assist you.