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Why it’s a good idea to have your own .ie domain name and website

Have your own .ie website

There are a lot of website builders out there, and I don’t say that own.ie it’s the best website builder. But I am sure it’s a great tool for all small business owners. Now, what’s great with own.ie is that you can have your own .ie website.


Why is good to have a .ie domain?

.ie is Ireland’s country code top-level domain – is the Internet top-level domain used in Ireland. With other words, it’s a web address that says clear that your website is Irish. Anyone can have a .com or .net and say they’s from Ireland, but they can, actually, be from anywhere else. And you can get a .com domain in like 10 minutes.

To get a .ie domain is not that simple. You need to prove that you are connected to Ireland. You need to be a resident or have a business in Ireland.

Having a .ie domain tells everyone that your business is Irish and it is for Irish people, or, how I like to say, is geo-targeting Ireland.


You can get a cheap .ie domain name with own.ie

With own.ie you have two options:

1. FREE Actually that’s how you start anyway: with a subdomain, something like yourbrand.own.ie. It’s the easiest way to start with a .ie website. You can keep this address as long as you want. And it’s available for free with our website builder.

2. If you choose the Premium or E-commerce package, you can have your own .ie domain name. We can assist you to buy one with as low as €15.95+tax per domain.

The average price for an .ie domain name is 30 Euro, and if you want to buy the domain directly from IEDR the price is €62.00. But we do our best to keep all the prices as low as possible.

Once we’ve bought the domain name for you, the website that was on a subdomain (like yourbrand.ie) will become available on yourdomainname.ie – you won’t lose anything from your website (text, images, videos). Actually, the website will look exactly the same, only that you will have it on your own Irish domain name.

 A .ie domain is good for SEO

I’ve said that having an Irish domain name is good; because you can show everyone that you’re Irish or very connected to Ireland.

Google IrelandBut having a .ie domain is also important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you and your competitor are selling shoes (for example) and he has the domainname.com and you have the domainname.ie, you have all the chances to get on top of your competitor on Search Engine Results Page. Google.ie will show your domain first.


Don’t wait any longer. Grab your own.ie domain and start building your website.

We’ve tried to make everything as easy as possible for you to build your website. Still, if you need help, you can contact us at any time, and we will be glad to assist you on building your business online.


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  1. I started a website a few months back but couldn’t decide if .ie or .com was better for what i was trying to do.
    The issue i had was my niche (snooker) is not that popular here compared to the uk and further afield so i thought .com was better for seo.
    I have had great success with http://www.snookercentral.com in the few months its been up.
    Moving on though, i am in the process of building a second website, but this time my market is exclusively Irish so a .ie name is appropriate even though it costs three times as much as a .com domain.
    It really does depend on who and where your market is based.

    • Support @ Own.ie

      That’s great Robert. Good luck with your websites and you SEO efforts!

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