June 23, 2016 help

Content is King

It is important when working on you website, that you think carefully about the message you want to convey, It is often the way that the idea itself is exciting and interesting but the detail sometimes can be a bit thin. So it is often a good idea, to imagine the pages, and imagine what you want them to say. Get some paper and scribble down some ideas, Don’t try and do it straight from the keyboard to the screen. This can lead to you stalling and maybe not finishing what you started.


Here are the 5 top things to look for when building your Own.ie site:


1) Navigation  – How to do you want your site to flow, think about it as if you were visiting your page as a customer.


2) Content – Write your content for your customers. Have sections that can be added to. Keep it relevant


3) Stale Sites – Don’t let you site get out of date. Stale sites, are sites that don’t have any new content, old information.


4) Pictures or videos –  Pictures and Video are now the norm to make your site engaging. A site with no imagery can overwhelm your visitor, and seem that there is too much content.


5) Social Media – It is important that you engage your social media so that it can be a direct link between your site, you and your customer.


So when your ready to sit down and start planning your site, think of these 5 things.


If you need any help or support, you can get directly in touch via the support link or via the live chat.