August 2, 2016 help

Change is Good

When running a new business it is important to embrace change. Not change for change sake but change for good, to move your business forward and open up new markets for you.


Lot’s of businesses have to adapt to changing market trends and test new things to see if they work. It is often the same with your website. people want to see that your website has changing content. This can seem daunting to the novice website builder. The easiest way to manage change on a site is to start a blog within your site.


A blog can have little stories or details about things that are upcoming in your business, organisation or club. The changing content brings people back to your site to visit and see what you have posted.


If you don’t have changing products this might be the best way to go. It also works the same way with social media, sometimes businesses don’t update there social media with news or promotions, they leave it and there is no engagement with customers.


So think about your site, and what information you want on it. Remember change of content drives traffic to it. Your website is a living thing, it lives on the the content you place upon it. If you look after it, it will bring dividends to you.


If you want help with content remember that we offer Social Media Content Management services as part of our Elite Social service.